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The ultimate community engagement tool for formal submission management 

Manage your consultations in one place 

create &


respond & 


decide & 


Managing the end to end submission process.


With Consult24, you can design online forms that suit your needs and style. You can insert images, videos, maps, and colours to make your forms more attractive and engaging for your community. Creating online forms is easy in Consult24. 

Lastly, embed your form or specific question into your website or design a unique branding for a specific engagement campaign


Creating your online form

A platform that enables you to collect and manage feedback and submissions from the community. You can easily search for submissions in the system, and add external submissions that you received via email, post or other channels. 


Managing and receiving submissions

After collecting the feedback, perform an analysis of the community's views using various reporting options. Your teams can then provide responses to feedback for decision-makers, offering a comprehensive suite of reports tailored to diverse engagement types. Leverage AI features to draft summaries of submissions for your team or flag harmful content. For Local Governments in New Zealand easily manage further submissions in RMA consultations.


Responses and reports 

Create hearings and schedule them with ease and efficiency. You can also enable the option for the community to self-schedule themselves, which gives them more flexibility and convenience. This way, you can manage your hearings more effectively and save time for other tasks.


Schedualing Hearings 

Consult24 is a tool that helps you communicate effectively with your community. It allows you to send letters that acknowledge their valuable input and perspectives, as well as update them on the outcomes of their feedback and stay engaged. This fosters transparency in the feedback and engagement process.


Sending Letters 

Our Clients  

Our goal is to help you better connect and respond to your community 

Value Proposition

At the centre of all of this, our goal is to help you better connect with, and respond to your community. Our comprehensive end to end submissions management system supports you in doing this. You can streamline the entire submission process in one platform. Our system eliminates the hassle of dealing with multiple tools, saves you time and reduces your costs while building trust with your community. 

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